Our Story



I'm Tiffany,  and I have always had a love for wine, dogs, pretty cocktails, entertaining, music and vintage finds.  Over the past few years I have been thinking of ways I could enjoy more of my favorite things and share them with others.  Fast forward to today, and after searching for almost three years for a little camper, my dream came to life when I found Scout, a 1962 Mobile Scout RV just a few miles up the road.  

This little gem was completely renovated into the beauty you see today and is she a show-stopper!  While the exterior is the original tin and design that recalls the beauty and class of the 1960s, the interior and bar top is both stunning and photo worthy.  She has fresh paint, new serving windows, a photo bench inside and the décor is simple, classy and full of charm.   

Wine & Wags is founded on over 20 years of a successful sales, marketing & business development career, and the product of our passion of hosting and entertaining special occasions. 

I utilize my experience to handle all event coordination, cocktail menus, and any other operations management for the business. 

Last but not least is my dood, Richard.  He is loveable, always happy,  enjoys meeting new people and being the center of attention.  He's ready to meet you and your fur friends and celebrate any occasion by making it extra special by bringing all the wags. 

Scout has been such a labor of love and is ready to entertain and share a few of my favorite things with you.  Wine, dogs, pretty cocktails, entertaining, music, and vintage finds.